Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
and Radical Reels 2015
Austin Proceeds Benefit Texas State Parks!
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Radical Reels - Austin

Saturday, April 18th at 7pm

Tickets go on sale March 3rd*
    *Austin proceeds benefit Texas State Parks
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2015 Radical Reels Trailer...

2015 Radical Reels Lineup

All My Own Stunts (special edit)    14 min.

Rob Jarman is a downhill mountain bike specialist and a professional stuntman. Following a near-fatal accident, he has battled to stay atop both fields. It’s an emotional and gripping story about how hard it is to let go.
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Desert Ice    12 min.

American ice climbers Jesse Huey and Scott Adamson climb into the remote high-desert slot canyons of Southwest Utah in search of what some are calling the best water-ice discovery of the last 20 years.
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DREAM    5 min.

When a newbie kayaker goes paddling, he discovers a posse of pros on the river and wonders whether someday he could ever be that cool.
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Into the Ditch    2 min.

2 friends, 1 ditch. Nothing has changed, but now everything is different. Watch as friends Ben Marr and Rush Sturges tackle breakneck speeds down a 500ft tall drainage ditch.
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Little Red Bus (special edit)    22 min.

Hold onto your hats, get ready, and buckle up for a wild ride packed full of thrills and spills. All aboard the Little Red Bus!
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UNDEAD (special edit)    8 min.

Two energetic young athletes re-invigorate the sport of SMX, a combination of mountain biking and snowboarding.
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The Unrideables: Alaska Range (special edit)    18 min.

Glorious cinematographic eye candy! Expert speed flyers test their limits in a massive, volatile landscape of ice and snow.
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Valley Uprising – The Stonemasters (special edit)    31 min.

The legendary “Stonemasters” ushered in a raucous new era of climbing in Yosemite’s climbing revolution, marked by drugs, partying, battles with park authorities and some of the world’s hardest climbing.
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World Tour - Austin

Sunday, April 19th at 6pm

Tickets go on sale March 3rd*
    *Austin proceeds benefit Texas State Parks
       Sign-up for Texas Parks & Wildlife email alerts here.

World Tour - Houston - 2 showings!

Wednesday, April 15th at 7:30pm
& Thursday, April 16th at 7:30pm

Tickets now available online

2015 World Tour Trailer...

2015 World Tour Lineup...
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